Meet Joanie and Matt

Starting JAM is a HUGE step for both of us- an entirely new project (for adults)- and we are really excited to share it with you.

Joanie and Matt's debut album artfully showcases story songs which interpret ancient texts with a modern, feminist twist.

Weaving in and out of the Folk and Americana genres, long-time friends and multi-award winning songwriters Joanie Leeds and Matthew Check have teamed up after a decade of creating the Jew-Grass genre, now introducing modern-musical midrash.

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Joanie and Matt

Joanie and Matt

Thanks Rolling Stone!
PS. Our album STERLING is available on VINYL via our website

Joanie and Matt

Joanie and Matt

We’re coming up...well- over to Chicago for #URJBiennial!

#JAM will be a musical presenter along with these amazingly talented artist friends: Josh Nelson, Rosalie Will, Elana Arian, Noah Aronson, Joe Black, Chava Mirel, Sheldon Low, Hadar Orshalimy, Michelle Citrin, Nefesh Mountain, Julie Silver, Rick Recht, Ellen Dreskin, Shimon Smith and so many more.

Who’s coming?!?

Joanie and Matt

Joanie and Matt

Some JAM shows 'coming up'
Tickets for Rockwood 3 available at link in the comments.