Meet Joanie and Matt

Starting JAM is a HUGE step for both of us- an entirely new project (for adults)- and we are really excited to share it with you.

Joanie and Matt's debut album artfully showcases story songs which interpret ancient texts with a modern, feminist twist.

Weaving in and out of the Folk and Americana genres, long-time friends and multi-award winning songwriters Joanie Leeds and Matthew Check have teamed up after a decade of creating the Jew-Grass genre, now introducing modern-musical midrash.


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Joanie and Matt

Joanie and Matt

So close yet so far away... but YOU have the power to bring us together through song- VIRTUALLY. Book @joanieandmatt to play a concert for your community via zoom, Facebook or YouTube!

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Joanie and Matt

Joanie and Matt

Thank you Jewish Rock Radio!!!

Joanie and Matt

Jewish Rock Radio

Music is our connection, comfort, healing, and celebration in ALL our moments, EVERY day. JRR and PJ Library Radio's Shabbat Block are here for you every Friday at 6PM Central with a handpicked playlist of some of the best and most beautiful contemporary Jewish music.

Featuring Sheldon Low, Jason Mesches Music, Greta Rosenstock, Shira Kline * ShirLaLa, Laeli, Joanie and Matt, Beth Schafer, שמעון סמיט - Shimon Smith and more!

Listen at,, the JRR and PJ Library Radio mobile apps, TuneIn, Sonos, and Roku.

Joanie and Matt

Joanie and Matt

While separated by many miles, #JAM misses our momentum, rehearsals, live performances and just being in the same room. This leads to many questions: When will be again reunited for our first post Covid show? What will the venue/community that books us for our first show once it’s safe? While these questions are not able to be answered right now, in the meantime- the burning question is: who rocked the masked look better? P.S. There are no wrong answers when it comes to safety. #covid #coronavirus #quarantine #JAM #DUO #folk #americanaduo #Sterling